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Heat protection: The new spray from Alcinastyle which is called #Schutzschild comes in a small white bottle. It`s not really a lot inside but is very effective. I use it to straighten my hair but do curls as well, and I`m excited. IT´s absolutely comparable with my Redken Iron Shape. None of them make my hair stick together. The straightener is running smoothly thorugh my hear without ceasing all the time as you might know it from other sprays. The curls look stunning and last very long. The only negative point is indeed the small bottle it comes with. The Redken Iron Shape conatins 250ml ml and the Alcinastyle only 100ml.

At present I also use the Sassoon Definitive Groom Haircreme to nourish my hair. The creme is enriched with ceratin and therfor bsolutely perfect for my dry hair. The contrary weather and the constantly dry heating air are really harming my hair. The creme is not only to nourish my hair but also gives it a little bit hold. Everyone following for a while will know I use this creme since I have short hair.

My top favourite accessory this month ist the Hairpiece which I showed you in some stories and GRWM´s before. In the coming days I will post another videos on Youtube to show how versatile a Hairpiece can be. I have the 22″ in Ashblonde.

I also want to show you my Must Have Beauty Product for this month. On the top of my list: Naked3 Palette from Urban Decay. I´ve never used eye shadow but now I´m totally flashed by this product.I absolutely love the different shades, all oft hem very easy to combine. The brush that comes with it is far better than any other one I had from several drugstores. Don`t bother too much about the price, it lasts like forever.

Other than that I use the new Foundation Infaillible 24h FreshWear 135 Radiant Vanilla from LÓréal. Not only the texture and the opacity really convinced me but it`s also compatible with my dry skin. In addition it doesn`t fade even though I`m cuddling Yasha all the time and it holds all day long. LÓréal also sent me another sample, the Infailible More Than Concealer, which has an even better opacity. I received various shades but I like 327 cashmere the most.

Since the beginnign of 2019 I use the UnbelievaBROW Gel for my eye brows. It´s so easy to apply and holds nearly 2 days. This is what I showed you many times in my story just because I love it that much. The eye brow pencils I`ve used before always got empty too fast and didn`t even hold as long as the UnbelievBROW. It comes with a brush and applicator.

Last but not least my all time favourite straightener from GHD, which I am now using for 9 years, have you ever something like that for 9 years? And you know what? It still works as i fit was the first day. Curls, waves or straighten my hair, I can use it for all styles. In rainy and stormy times like now I use it in the morning just to freshen up my style a little bit. Or a last minute style to wave my bangs to look a bit smart.

Now you`ve seen my Favourites for this month. I hope you enjoyed this little trip with me . Maybe you`re already using the one or the other or you even have some of your favourites to share with me. Just leave me a message, it`s much appreciated.

Thanks for your time xoxo Lisa

Some of the products were gifted as Press Samples, also this contains affiliate Links, that means i get a small comission if you purchase through that link. Thank you!